30 Hr ClassroomCost: $95

30 Hours of top quality classroom instruction is provided in just two weekends, using American Automobile Association text books. Parents attend a Teaching Your Teen to Drive session the first hour of class. This course can be taken at 14.5 years old.

30 Hr. Online ClassCost: $95

This Online Course fulfills the State Drivers Education requirement to receive a permit at age 15. To complete this self-paced course you will need to have access to the internet. This course can be taken at 14.5 years old.

4 Hr Driver Awareness ProgramCost: $65

This state approved course is designed to allow 15.5 year olds to obtain a learner’s permit after completing the Driver Awareness Program. Parents/guardians should plan to attend the last 30 minutes of the session (from 8:00 PM -8:30 PM).

Traffic Violator ClassesLevel I,II: $94.95 Level III, IV: $190 (Call to schedule a Level III class)

Course Credit: Various Courts, Employers, Educational Institutes, and Insurance Companies will give credit for this course. Check with the appropriate authority to verify your options.

Goals & Objectives: The majority of court-ordered offenders are basically good drivers most of the time, who make a mistake once in a while. However, this same situation is what causes tickets, and kills people all too often. This course of study is designed to remind you of the details and level of attention necessary to minimize complacency and prevent accidents.

Time Requirements: Four (4) or eight (8) hours of required class attendance is the standard. Courts may require additional hours of 12 or 16. The court establishes a student time requirement if a traffic violation is the cause of attendance.

All classes are taught at:

Colorado Driving Institute
2850 Iris Ave
Suite I-3 Boulder, CO 80301