Driving Instruction

Basic 2 Hour LessonCost: $130

The main focus of this lesson is developing safe habits for being behind the wheel in a car. We cover the following: basic vehicle operations, signaling for changing lanes or turning, braking (depending on your brake type), how to drive through residential intersections, right-of-way procedures, curb procedure, how to change lanes safely, slowing down and stopping, how traffic patterns work, parallel parking, and how to make right or left turns.

The basics are important to practice before the student moves on to more advanced traffic situations in the next City Driving Lesson. Your student should practice with you for at least 4 hours before driving in the City. Parents should understand that the required 4 hours of Basic Driving Lesson practice takes the average student 3 to 4 weeks to complete. The more you allow your student to practice the basics, the better prepared they are for advanced traffic situations.

City 2 Hour LessonCost: $130

The main focus of this lesson is to apply the skills learned in the Basic Driving Lesson to a city traffic environment. We will also cover: driving one-way streets, driving with multiple traffic light intersections, turn-only lanes & double turn lanes, review parallel parking, adjusting speed depending on traffic situations, and being aware of your surroundings at all times–like looking for pedestrians and bikes! Mountain driving techniques will be included. This lesson is mostly in traffic. Those unable to practice will progress as far as their safety level permits.

If you are under 18 you must hold your permit license for a year, practice your driving skills and take the last lesson close to your eligibility date. This becomes “peace of mind” lesson for parents, as we will be spotting bad habits.

Highway 2 Hour LessonCost: $130

The main focus of this lesson is applying all of the student’s previous driving experience to a high speed, high volume traffic situations. We will cover: executing multiple lane changes, mirror monitoring, and freeway ramp techniques. We also check for good habits and for pro-driving attitudes. This lesson includes a sample State Driving Test.

2 Hour Brush-up LessonCost: $130

We customize this lesson to emphasize what the driver wants and needs. As a follow-up course we include a Sample BOST (Basic Operating Skills Test). If you qualify for a license test, the permit holder has the option of testing for their license.

This course provides clear evaluation and assessment of the general driving skills of the driver. We provide practice and opportunity to review any and all basic driving skills while driving in a variety of traffic situations. In this two-hour training segment, while driving our dual-control vehicles, drivers receive direction and guidance for facing specific challenges, from residential driving to city driving, as well as interstate highways.

2 Hour Au Pair EvaluationCost: $130

Customized 2 hour evaluation to address driver’s most basic needs for the safety of your family.

2 Hour Senior EvaluationCost: $130

Customized 2 hour documentation addressing mature operator’s most basic skills.

Behind the wheel instruction takes place at the following location:

Colorado Driving Institute
2850 Iris Ave
suite I-3 Boulder, CO 80301